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Our academic writing service has been founded by two college students who wanted to change the way their peers write academic papers


We achieved our first goal: over 1,000 clients worldwide served with premium content

By 2014

We achieved our first goal: over 1,000 clients worldwide served with premium content


We achieved our second goal: over 100,000 academic papers delivered to students.


We have already launched our new website. Our services are better than ever and our team just needs your requirements to start working on your exciting project.

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Over time, we have become the number one source of perfectly-written academic content for tens of thousands of students from all corners of the world. Why? Because we adhere to our core principles:

Original thinking and content – Our experienced writers are able to think critically and always write 100% original papers from scratch.

In-depth knowledge – We always find the best writer for your project; a writer who has a degree and extensive experience in your niche.

Organization and direction – We are very well organized and we always adapt to our clients’ needs and feedback. All papers are delivered on time no matter what!

This is how we make sure that we remain the best academic writing company on the Internet. This is how we can be sure that our services are the best for you. This is our guarantee to you.

Our professional writers and editors will finish your academic paper on time and will deliver a paper worthy of a top grade. Remember, we are content creators; we write everything from scratch, 100% original.

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